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Top 4 for our Rising 4's

Choosing a Nursery place for your little one is a big decision.
We really understand this at Fradley Park and so we’re here to help you with our top 4 for our rising 4’s. 

Our Nursery is led by a qualified teacher

A teaching qualification is not a requirement in nursery settings, but we believe that this training gives your child the early building blocks so important for future learning. This is backed up by research which highlights the ‘critical role’ that teachers, in Early Years, play in supporting all children, regardless of their background, to achieve their full potential.

"What happens early matters for a lifetime"

We plan each opportunity in the Nursery with knowledge of the bigger picture. Because we work closely, as a whole school team, we carefully weave that journey of learning and development, from Nursery right to the end of Primary. Every activity, every day, will count! We think our Nursery at FP is a great foundation for future learning so come and join us.

Your child's whole school journey starts from day 1 in the nursery

Children benefit immensely from mixing with other children. Your child will play alongside older Reception children, in the ‘big playground’, join in whole school activities e.g. assemblies, access learning resources from older classes and use spaces within school e.g. library, halls on a weekly basis. They will therefore be more prepared and better equipped when it comes to starting school. They will be gaining ‘school readiness’ without even realising!

The Fradley Family

As part of the school Nursery, your child will become immersed in our school values and ethos. They will develop greater social skills and they will feel more secure in a range of different environments – making transitions to a school environment really smooth. They will become familiar with all the adults and staff at Fradley Park – we will get to know your child really well – and build their confidence mixing with a wide range of the community. They will grow and develop in the care and support of a school family.

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