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For more information, take a look at our frequently asked questions below. If you require any more information or have any more questions please get in touch.

Places for Nursery are allocated on a first come first served basis. Confirmation of being allocated a place will be within 5 working (school) days of receipt of application.

Applications are made directly to the Trust via which are recorded when they were received. To plan for staffing nursery applications are requested by 31st January 2022.

John Taylor MAT’s application to sponsor Fradley Park Primary and Nursery School was for 26 Nursery places and 1 form of entry in Reception for 30 places. We will adhere to these numbers.

In the first year, we are aware that the new housing in the immediate locality of the school is unlikely to generate 30 places for Reception. We will therefore be admitting pupils from slightly further afield.  We anticipate that enthusiasm for the school will mean that we will fill the 30 places we have. 

In the event of high demand the oversubscription criteria laid out in the Admissions Policy will apply:

We believe in a creative curriculum and learning through play via music and expressive arts which help children to learn and grow.  The children will be engaging in enrichment activities and experiences throughout the academic year to enhance their learning, broaden their cultural capital and open doors to the awe and wonder of the world in which they live.

In addition to music and creative arts, supporting children in building healthy futures for themselves, their community and their planet will also form a key driver for our curriculum at Fradley Park.

Wrap around will be offered from 7.30am – 6 pm.

The school will not make any profit from wrap-around provision and may need to subsidise the first-year costs to ensure that they are affordable for working families. Dependent upon take-up we envisage the costs to be:

  • £5.00 from 7.30am – school start time of 8.45am (with a reduction for second child) for Breakfast Club.
  • £11.00 from the end of school at 3.15pm – 6.00pm for After School Club (with a reduction for second child).
  • £4.00 from 7.30am – nursery start time of 8.30am for Breakfast Club.
  • £10.00 from the end of nursery at 3.30pm – 6.00pm for After School Club.


This includes the cost of fully qualified staff who are paediatric first aid trained and have suitable food hygiene certificates providing continuous care. The cost would also include light snacks and refreshments being provided.

Within the sessions, there will be a broad range of activities for the children to enjoy including; adult-led art and craft activities, outside games, board games, imaginative play, puzzles, Lego and construction, a relaxing area for listening to music or reading books, iPads, gardening etc. The options would be rotated and vary according to the weather and the needs, ages of the individual children.  The provision will be friendly, welcoming and fun within a safe and stimulating environment.

Yes, if you are eligible and registered we will be accepting tax free childcare to pay for Nursery provision and wrap around provision.

This information is available on the government website at this link:

There is also a parent/carer guide available here:


No under the Equality Act the items of uniform are available to be worn by girls and boys.


This will grow as the school grows and the ages/interests of the children develop. When children are in Nursery and Reception, the school day is in itself normally long and busy enough for them! 

In Reception, some lunchtime clubs will be available for children to access e.g. ‘Mini Book Club’ and ‘Snap’ (Games Club).

We envisage that a wide range of exciting after school activities will begin from Year 1. We will be making the most of our outside space to develop the children’s physical prowess. After school club provision may include Nature Club (Gardening), Yogis (Yoga Club), Lego Builders, Community Pals (applying leadership skills for a community purpose), Mini Bakers (Cooking Club) and will be determined by the skills, expertise and interests of the school team. 

The guarantee of a place at John Taylor High School (JTHS) cannot be given if a child is not in catchment.  However, under its Admissions Policy JTHS would elevate the application above places allocated under the distance rule. The curriculum at Fradley Park has been built to align with that offered at both John Taylor High School and John Taylor Free School.

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