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Putting the Forest in Fradley Park!

Fradley Park Primary & Nursery School
I am super excited to be introducing Forest School to the children of Fradley Park. Dust down your wellies and come along…

Being outside boosts my mood. Walking with my children, and our dog Frank, connects us as a family and smooths out the creases of a busy life. Some of my most memorable experiences as a teacher have taken place, in the outdoors, in the company of nature.

I am super excited to be introducing Forest School to the children of Fradley Park. Dust down your wellies and come along…


The development of Forest School took place in Scandinavia in the 1950s. It stemmed from the idea that children’s contact with nature is extremely important. According to the ‘Forest School Association’ its origin goes back further, to the 19th century, where the awe and wonder of nature became an inspiration for educators.

Forest School is defined as...

An inspirational process that offers children, young people and adults regular opportunities to achieve, and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland environment.

(Forest Education Initiative, 2005a)

Why Forest School for Fradley Park?

At Fradley Park, we will be joining other schools within the John Taylor MAT who have embraced this dynamic type of outdoor learning. They have found this learning, “that which is beyond the walls of the indoors” (Zink & Burrows, 2008), to have a significant impact on children’s holistic development and we wish to capture and mirror these successes.

Through regular, sustained, learner-led experiences in the outdoors, we believe that our children will be equipped with emotional and social skills that will stay with them forever and permeate all areas of their life.

We recognise that Forest School can support each child’s emotional well-being and be beneficial to the mental health of the whole school community.

Forest School will foster the growth of positive relationships.

We understand how Forest School can fully support the EYFS and National Curriculum and help to provide a holistic, well-rounded educational experience and high quality curriculum.

We know it will support our school in providing an inclusive platform upon which all children can thrive.

Here are some links so that you can read more about Forest School:



Here are some activities from ‘Learning through Landscapes’ to give you a flavour of the experiences your child may be involved in during a Forest School session. Why not give them a go?

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