Reporting an Absence

Regular school attendance is the key to enabling children and young people to maximise the educational opportunities available to them and become emotionally resilient, confident, and competent adults who can realise their full potential and make a positive contribution to their community.

To report an absence, please email or call 01543 761030. Otherwise:

When a child is absent unexpectedly, the class teacher will record the absence in the register, and will inform the school office, which will endeavour to contact a parent or guardian.

When the child returns to school, a note should be brought from a parent or guardian to explain the absence.

A note may be sent to the school prior to the day of absence, e.g. if a child has a medical appointment.

If there is any doubt about the whereabouts of a child, the class teacher should take immediate action by notifying the school office.

The school will then be in contact straight away with the parent or guardian, to check on the safety of the child.

Please Note:

Parents and carers with effect from 1st September 2013, no longer have the right to withdraw their children from school for up to ten days for an annual holiday. Thus, the Headteacher can no longer approve requests for leave of absence for holidays during term time.

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